Where the Jobs Are: The Top 10 Cities for Growth

A friend of mine is relocating for a new job and has been checking into real estate sites as she looks for new houses.  During her research, she came across an article listing the 10 Best Cities for the Next Decade.
The authors of the article argue that when innovation is in the forefront of a city’s culture, unemployment is typically down and new job growth outpaces national averages. So which cities ranked highest for job creation and salary growth, and came in lower than the national average in terms of unemployment figures?  Check out the list below.
10. Topeka, KS
9. West Hartford, CT
8. Burlington, VT
7. Des Moines, IA
6. Rochester, MN
5. Salt Lake City, UT
4. Boulder, CO
3. Washington, DC
2. Seattle, WA
1. Austin, TX
While the metrics used to determine the list above included unemployment rate and income growth, the percentage of the workforce in the “creative class” was also assessed. The creative class, as described by Kevin Stolarick and Richard Florida (see The Rise of the Creative Class), includes scientists, engineers, educators, writers, artists, entertainers and others. The authors argue that this group injects “both economic and cultural vitality into a city and help make it a vibrant place to live.”
What qualities are most important to you in a city? An entrepreneurial spirit in the marketplace? Good weather? A significant percentage of the population in the “creative class?” Affordable housing? The survey above is an interesting approach, as it explores growth through the lenses of innovation and collaboration. Are these pieces the most important to you in a job?
As you consider these and other factors to determine where to apply for jobs, you may want to check out a related article, Find the City That’s Best for You. Durham, NC, came up for me, so I know it works.  🙂
(For some great photos of the top 10 cities above, visit the 10 Best Cities at a Glance.)