Make the RIGHT Kind of Bang in Your Job Search

fireworksWow. I just finished reading an article in the Careers section of the Wall Street Journal and found the actions of some job seekers SHOCKING. Check out these classics from “Big Blunders Job Hunters Make:”
– Asking the interviewer to take YOU out to lunch.
– Asking someone at the company where you are applying to correct your resume for you.
– Bringing your child to an interview – and not making an apology, or even mentioning the fact that your child is with you.
– Answering a call and having a conversation during the interview.
– Claiming to have worked with someone who has no idea who you are.
– Wearing a t-shirt three sizes too small – with bright red lettering. Yikes.
– Sharing details of your life, personal relationships, financial hardships – or trying to figure out (aloud) how your fish will be fed if your job involves a lot of travel.
– Following up an interview with an expensive gift from Tiffany’s. (FYI – a well-written thank you note will suffice.)
– Having your parents follow up with the employer when you don’t get an offer. OUCH!
Set yourself apart and make a bang when you’re job searching – just be sure it’s the RIGHT kind of bang.

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