I Scream, You Scream…

ice creamChevre Strawberry Jam. Golden Beet Saffron. Russian Imperial Stout. Salted Licorice. White Chocolate Lavender.
These are just a few of the inventive ice cream flavors offered at Humphry Slocombe Exit Disclaimer in San Francisco. Co-owners Jake Godby and Sean Vahey have managed to infuse their products with an abundance of unusual tastes, from crème fraîche to olive oil.
While you may not be responsible for creating new flavors every day, your work might benefit from an infusion of creativity.
Things you may already do that encourage creativity:

  • Exercise
  • Change of scenery
  • Driving
  • Showering
  • Playing with toys
  • Sleeping
  • Listening to music

New ways to generate creativity:
1) Define a work-related problem in detail. Grab a sheet of paper, your iPad, a computer, or whatever you use to take notes, and describe the problem in great detail. Solutions may surface once you have done this.
2) Carry a small notebook and pen or pencil with you everywhere you go. If you are struck with an idea, you can record it and reread it later.
3) Doodle. Doodling can assist you in taking a mental break from a problem you’ve been struggling with. Take a look at this doodling site Exit Disclaimer, print out a few pages, and doodle to refresh your brain.
4) Open a dictionary, select a word at random, and try to formulate ideas incorporating this word.
5) Read as much as you can about everything you can. Reading refreshes your brain, particularly when you read from disciplines outside of your own. Doing this may allow you to make creative connections more easily.
When all else fails, get up and go outside for a walk. The change of scenery, fresh air, and exercise will help to rejuvenate your brain cells and assist you in focusing when you return to work. And you may even squeeze in a visit to a nearby ice cream shop.
Adapted from 10 Steps for Boosting Creativity Exit Disclaimer by Jeffrey Bumgartner and Creativity Exercises Exit Disclaimer by Tim Stellmach.

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