Hidden Gifts

presentI met recently with a friend who described her son’s gifts in detail: he can pick up just about any instrument and play it right off the bat; he can take apart a computer, order any needed parts online, and fix it himself; he can read a poem and analyze it, without any formal training as a literature scholar. However, when it comes to identifying jobs that might be a good fit for him, he continues to come up empty.
Being gifted in many areas and having myriad interests does not always translate into an in-depth understanding of the world of work, occupations, and job-person “fit.” And while there are some strength, interest, and values assessment sites on the web, your best bet is still to begin close to home with a visit to OITE.
1. Schedule a meeting with a counselor.
OITE employs career counselors who visit the Bethesda, Baltimore, Frederick, and Durham, NC campuses regularly. These counselors assist trainees by talking through values, strengths, and interests as they relate to jobs. Each counselor is also trained in administering and interpreting the two career-related assessments listed below.
2. Take career-related assessments through OITE.
OITE offers two career-related assessments. The first is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, or MBTI®. The MBTI® assessment is the best known and most widely used personality tool available today. Developed more than 50 years ago, the MBTI assists users in understanding individual differences and uncovering new ways to work and interact with others. It can be helpful in exploring different occupations when interpreted by a trained career counselor, and when reviewed in concert with other measures.
If you are interested in taking the MBTI, attend an upcoming MBTI program offered by OITE. Check the events calendar for this workshop, coming September 29, 2010, to the Bethesda campus.
The Strong Interest Inventory® provides research-validated insights to help you in your search for a rich, fulfilling career. The Strong empowers users to discover their true interests so they can better identify, understand, and often expand their career options.
If you are interested in taking the Strong Interest Inventory, please contact OITE to set up an individual appointment with a career counselor.
By exploring your hidden gifts using the steps outlined above, you will be better able to connect them to occupations you may find rewarding. Happy hunting!

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