Job Search Horror Stories

In the spirit of Halloween, today we are blogging about job search horror stories that have happened to OITE staffers. Can you match the following events to a person in the OITE??
1. On my first interview I was dressed in my finest. At dinner I had a plate of chicken served in a sauce. As I cut into my meal I splashed sauce all over my shirt! I cleaned myself off and continued the meal and conversation.
2. I had this great pair of heels that I wore for years, I thought wearing them to my interview would be a wise choice. Wrong I was! By the time I finished the interview and walking all over campus the blisters on my feet were agonizing. I had to buy new shoes in Union Station to get home.
3. I interviewed on a super icy day, and ended up being late to the interview by a few minutes. Every time I tried to walk up the hill in dress shoes I slid back down the hill. I felt like a penguin!
4. I was so nervous that I walked into the door frame exiting the interview room at the conclusion of the interview. I got a lump on my head and was, of course, very embarrassed and didn’t get the job.
5. I had to interview on a stormy day. The train was held up at Metro Center due to an ill passenger. I called the office and explained that I would be running late. As I left Metro Center to hail a cab, my umbrella fell apart, I was soaking wet but went to the interview anyway. But I had a happy ending, I got the job!
6. I had the stock cover letter that I used as a starting point for all of my applications. I had changed the words and sent it off to company A, than re-worked the same letter and sent it off to company B. After I sent the letter I realized that I never took company A’s name out of the letter when I sent it to company B! Needless to say, I didn’t get that job.
7. I arrived for the interview to find out that two-other candidates had an interview scheduled for the same time as I did. The three of us were being interviewed by the panel simultaneously. Uggh!
8. I bumped heads really hard with a friend of mine the day before an interview. The interview was extremely tense and the lights were off in the conference room. I could have sworn I saw a bug on the table and jerked my head down looking at it. One of the interviewers caught me looking and looked down at the table as if to say “what are you looking at?” I went to the doctor the next day and found out I had a slight concussion. They probably thought I was a little crazy! I didn’t get the job!
Bonus points for matching the most people to their horror stories (perhaps even lunch with an OITE staffer?). And, add you stories in the comments!

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