Summer Programs to Build Your Resume and Advance Your Career

With summer come multiple opportunities to strengthen your resume and advance your career.  Whether you are at the NIH or somewhere else, summer programs provide valuable experience in mentoring, administration, management, and teaching.  Regardless of your career aspirations, these are key components to your resume or CV.  We have highlighted a few summer programs, workshops, and events for trainees at the NIH that we hope you will take advantage of.  If you are not at the NIH, contact your career center or postdoc/graduate student office to find out about similar programs offered at your institution.  The list can still be used as a guide for what you should be looking for. 

  • Mentor a summer intern – Ask your PI or research mentor to let your supervise a summer intern.  The interns here at NIH are bright and enthusiastic.  They can bring new energy and sometimes even new insights in to your projects.   Mentoring also gives you experience in supervising others, managing resources and people, and teaching. 
  • Workshop:  Research Mentor Training – This eight week workshop meets from 4:00 to 5:00 pm every Monday from June 4th to July 23rd.  We wouldn’t ask you to mentor a student and then not provide you the tools to be an excellent mentor.  Mentoring is not something that can be taught.  This highly interactive workshop provides the opportunity to discuss mentoring issues as they arise and develop your own mentoring style.  Those who complete all eight sessions will earn a certificate.
  • Lead a summer journal club – Journal clubs are a popular activity for the summer interns.  They are led by postdocs and advanced graduate students and cover a wide variety of topics.  This is another opportunity to mentor, teach, and gain administrative experience.  More importantly, journal clubs represent another opportunity to invest in the future of science!  The time to register to be a journal club leader is fast approaching, so visit our information page for requirements and expectations! 
  • Workshop:  Tips for Mentoring a Summer Intern and Leading a Journal Club – Want to get a jump on mentoring and can’t wait until June 4th?  Not sure if you will be able to fit an eight week mentoring workshop into your schedule?  Planning on leading a journal club this summer?  This workshop, scheduled for May 1st, will last 90 minutes, will be filled with great information, and will be taught by two experienced and dynamic presenters.  Note:  This workshop is required for those planning to lead a summer journal club at the NIH.
  • 5th Annual NIH Career Symposium – The 2012 NIH Career Symposium on May 18th will highlight the diversity of career choices available to biomedical scientists.  Whether you are a new graduate student, postdoc, or clinical fellow just beginning to consider career options or a senior student/fellow ready to look for a job, the NIH Career Symposium is for you.  Note:  If you are a postdoc, clinical fellow, or graduate student, you are welcome to attend this event, whether you are part of the NIH intramural program or not.  We just ask that you register.
  • Workshop:  Management Boot Camp – Management of people and resources is a key component to being successful as you move forward in your career.  The OITE has developed an intense course to give advanced postdocs and fellows an overview of common management concepts that are not often taught in a research environment.  The topics covered will be applicable to all sectors (academics, industry, non-profits, government, etc.).  This course requires a commitment of two full days.  Enrollment will be limited to 30 people and there are strict requirements for the application.  Be sure to read the event announcement carefully. 

The summer is full of activities.  For a complete listing of events at NIH, visit the events page on the OITE Web site.  You can also follow us on twitter @NIH_OITE for all the latest information.