Top Ten Blog Posts of 2015

Image of a blue sign reading "Top 10" and a red calendar reading "2015"In case you missed them, here are some of the most popular blog posts from this past year. These are quick, informative reads which can help pass the time during holiday travel.

1. Job Search Paralysis
If you are feeling unmotivated by your job search or are constantly procrastinating items on your career development to-do list, then this post is a must read. It looks at the seven types of inner critics. Maybe you will recognize which particular type applies to you and how it could be impacting your job search psyche.

2. 4 Powerful Questions
Looking to recharge some aspect of your career and/or life? This post reviews a career development theory, John Krumboltz’s Happenstance Learning Theory. Unlike a lot of theories, this one has great real-life applications, including very powerful questions to ask yourself.

3. MCAT Meltdown – Dealing with Test Anxiety
Tips on how to manage anxiety not only during your test preparation, but on the actual test day as well. If you are prone to anxiety, especially text anxiety, then this is a must read post.

4. PhD in Depression?
This post reviews data from UC Berkeley which found almost half of STEM PhDs are depressed. Graduate school can be an especially vulnerable time for individuals; however, some effective coping mechanisms are addressed in this post.

5. MD/PhD: Is it Right for You?
How can you decide if an MD/PhD program is right for you? This blog reviews information presented at NIH’s Graduate & Professional School Fair about what an MD/PhD programs entails and how you can figure out if that is the right option for you.

6. Yawnfest: Don’t Be a Boring Interviewee
Tips on how to stand out for the right reasons in your next interview, including ideas on how to manage your interview anxiety.

7. Maximizers – Doing Better but Feeling Worse
Career decisions can be very difficult. This blog post looks at two basic decision-making styles – maximizers and satisficers. Take a quiz to find out which one you are and how this could be impacting your career choices.

8. Guide to Cover Letters and Guide to Resumes and Curricula Vitae
Bookmark these two posts so that you can reference them in the future. These guides give you an overview of resumes, CVs and cover letters. Also included are sample of effective resumes, CVs and cover letters so you have a better idea of how to correctly format your job search documents.

9. Is Grit the Key to Success?
In all of Dr. Duckworth’s research, one characteristic emerged as a significant predictor of success – grit. Why is it important and how gritty are you compared to others? Read this blog post to find out more.

10. The Power of Thank You
Gratitude can increase your sense of well-being and it can also play an important role in your professional trajectory. Personal anecdotes are shared about how thank you notes have transformed careers as well as an activity on how you can learn to cultivate gratitude.

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