Should You Include Your Address on Your Resume/CV?

Traditionally, an address was always included on a resume simply because physical mail was the main means of communication. Today, most hiring takes place online, so a full physical address often seems unnecessary. To be clear, you should always include your name and contact information on your documents, but many applicants are simply choosing to include their phone number and email.

Employers often like to see an address on your resume because they are creating an applicant profile for you in their system and traditionally, your address was one component of this profile. Some employers also like to see your location in relation to the job’s location. This lets them know if you would require relocation services. In truth, the only time your prospective employer really needs to know your home address is in the final stages of a job offer.

Your home address is potentially sensitive information and there are many reasons why people choose to omit it from their job search documents. You can keep your address private and should do so, especially if you have any security concerns. Another reason to keep your address off is if you are using third-party job sites like Monster or Craigslist.

Some employers do screen for local candidates. If you are looking for a job in an external location, you might want to address this in your cover letter to the organization. Some candidates choose to include a line on their resume where their address would be, stating: “Relocating to Washington, DC in Fall 2021”.

Ultimately, the decision about including your address on your resume or CV is a personal one, so use your best judgment about what works for your current situation.

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