About the Career Services Center

The OITE Career Services Center was established in 2007 to serve all of the trainees in the NIH intramural community. Our goal is to ensure that NIH trainees are aware of the many jobs available, both at and away from the bench, and to provide the resources to help them identify good personal options. Our career counselors run workshops, lead small group discussions, and schedule individual appointments open to all. These are designed to assist trainees in self-assessment, career exploration, goal setting, and finding positions.

Staffing for the Center includes:

• career counselors, who can assist you with analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, and values; help you write resumes and CVs; provide information on career options; and coach you through the job search process; and

• counselors who can aid you in developing a more assertive presence, dealing with interpersonal conflicts that might arise in the lab, managing time and/or stress, and more personal issues.

You can use the OITE Web site to make one-on-one appointments with these individuals. If you are in or near Bethesda, your appointments will be in Building 2 on the main campus. If you are at another location, the counselors will come to you or we will arrange phone appointments.