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Guide to Résumés and Curricula Vitae

Submitted by Amanda Dumsch November 7, 2014

There is often confusion about the differences between a résumé and a CV and when it is best to use each document. This confusion is often compounded by the fact that there is not a standard resume or CV template – your documents will (and should) look different than your lab mates. 

While there aren’t formal rules to follow, there are certain expectations for each document. Résumés and CVs continue to be extremely important documents for job seekers. OITE has created a newly updated Guide to Résumés and Curricula Vitae This guide is chock full of:

  • Recommendations and tips
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Accomplishment Memory Jogger Questions
  • Lists of transferable action verbs
  • Samples geared toward postbacs, graduate student and postdocs
  • Ideas on how you can create and/or update your own documents

***** For even more help, mark November 19th on your calendars! WEBINAR: RESUMES FOR SCIENTISTS Nov 19, 2014 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

This workshop will highlight the critical elements and structure of scientific resumes. This important job document serves as the foundation for all job searches.

We will discuss how to create a resume based on the employment sector and published position description. Remember to send a cover letter with your résumé or CV.  Check out OITE's Guide to Cover Letters.  Also, additional résumé and CV guidance can be found by making an appointment to discuss your documents with an OITE career counselor.

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