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Good Mentoring Guidelines

Submitted by Lori Conlan March 2, 2011

What makes a good mentor?  That is a question we’ve been pondering here in the OITE.  We see trainees questioning how to find the perfect research mentor, so we created a “how-to” guide to finding a mentor.  Check it out here:  

The goal behind the document is to help those of you transitioning in your scientific career to make good decisions when choosing a new boss.  Sample questions to ask the PI and the research group are included to help you along the way. An added bonus: Those of you who will be mentors (either for a summer intern, postbac, or grad student, or as you move into a faculty position) should look at the guidelines to see what’s expected of you as a mentor.   How would you craft the three guiding principles for your mentees (focusing on the research program, your personality and mentoring style, and the research environment)? 

The NIH also has a few other resources: the Guide on Training and Mentoring, And Goals for Enhanced Mentoring in the IRP,  Now intrepid readers…what do you wish you would have asked when picking a research mentor?  Add it to the comments below!