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Career Options Series – 10 Fields to Explore Further

Submitted by Amanda Dumsch January 6, 2020

The OITE Career Options Series within this blog is intended to give you a snapshot overview of different career paths. The goal of this blog series has been to help trainees explore a variety of different options by connecting you to relevant resources. After all, a large part of making a good career decision is done by gathering information about each field of interest. Here are ten careers that you can further explore within the series:

  1. Public Health
  2. Science Policy
  3. Technology Transfer
  4. Regulatory Affairs
  5. Bioinformatics
  6. Science Education & Outreach
  7. Industry Careers
  8. Biomedical Data Science
  9. Physician Assistant
  10. International Careers

Of course, we encourage you to follow up this online research by conducting informational interviews with individuals in each field. Search the NIH Alumni Database to find alums from the NIH doing similar work. Is there a field you would like us to highlight within this Career Options Series? Leave a comment and let us know what we should focus on next.  

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