Meet OITE – Dr. Higgins

From time to time, I will introduce members of the staff within the NIH’s Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE). The first of the “Meet OITE” series highlights the background and accomplishments of William J. (Bill) Higgins, faculty member at the University of Maryland and a pre-professional advisor for OITE.
William J. (Bill) Higgins
After receiving a B.S. in Biology from Boston College and a Ph. D. from Florida State, I arrived at Maryland as faculty member at the University of Maryland in Zoology (now Biology) in August of 1973. Now older than dirt but with years of experience teaching and advising pre-professional and pre-graduate students, I spend some time in OITE assisting post-bac and post-doc clients achieve their professional goals. I still maintain a full schedule as a faculty member at Maryland, am a dedicated Terp fan, consider golf as a major religion, and will never understand why anyone would ever leave academia for a real job. I live on the shores of the South River in Edgewater with my wife, Wendy, and hope that my five sons and seven grandchildren only call with good news.
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