Resources for Becoming an Effective Mentor and Mentee

The mentor/mentee relationship is symbiotic and it holds tremendous value in the world of science.  Mentees often come into the partnership yearning for knowledge and skills training. Likewise, mentors need mentees so that they can continue their research effectively and so that they can help train the next generation of scientists.  

We all need mentors to support and encourage us throughout our educational and career journey; however, often trainees aren’t sure how to manage a relationship with their mentor. Similarly, sometimes mentors feel overwhelmed by mentoring responsibilities and feel they trained to do lab work not management.

For many reasons, and perhaps because of the importance of this partnership, the mentor/mentee relationship can be difficult to manage. Here are some resources if you are a mentor or mentee looking for help on managing your mentoring relationships.

Resources for Mentees

Managing Mentoring Relationships – Tips for Mentees  – OITE Career Blog Post

Managing Up to Maximize Mentoring Relationships – A webinar video from Dr. Sharon Milgram which you can still view online by signing in.

Resources for Mentors

Managing Mentoring Relationships – Tips for Mentors – OITE Career Blog Post

The Art of Scholarly Mentoring – An article on mentoring written by Robert Lefkowitz, a Nobel Prize Winner

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