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Submitted By: Amanda Dumsch

Many people aspire to have an international career and this opportunity is no longer reserved only for career diplomats. Science, medicine, business, and education - to just name a few - are all fields that have more global career mobility than ever. Biomedical research has always had great reputation for being a very diverse and international field.

Submitted By: Amanda Dumsch

In last week’s blog post, we discussed considerations for properly evaluating a job offer. On top of all those points, there are more things to consider if it is an international job offer. Here are some questions to ask:

Submitted By: Lori Conlan
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Recent news stories have highlighted the drive of several growing, global economies to entice native scientists back to their home countries for work. Some governments, such as China's, are offering incentives, including funding and resources, to scientific workers willing to bring knowledge and training gained abroad back to their home country for work.

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