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Submitted By: Amanda Dumsch

Scientists and trainees often have a hard time seeing how their lab-based skills can be applied beyond the bench. When you are job searching, whether you are seeking a position in academia, industry, or government, it is essential that you have a clear idea of your main attributes and how they could be applied to your intended position of choice. Identifying skills you already have developed and will be able to transfer to your next professional position is a key component of a successful job search.

Submitted By: Amanda Dumsch

In 2013, international fellows came to the NIH from 93 countries; if you just relocated to the NIH from abroad, it can be a challenge to adjust to a new culture, new city, and a new lab.

Submitted By: Amanda Dumsch
Part One of a Two-Part Series on Transitions Almost everyone struggles with transitions – even positive changes can create stress. Transitions can really be anything, from needing to make a decision to struggling with a new job, new city, new culture, or adjusting to a new life event like marriage, the birth of a child, divorce, death in the family, etc.
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