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Discussing Your Career With Your PI

From the Archive: original post from Jan, 2012

Working Toward a Goal Without Letting it Take Over Your Life

With the new year, the season of setting resolutions has begun.  But how can you work toward achieving a goal without letting it completely take over your life? Some goals – research projects, graduate/medical school – can feel all-consuming. It can be easy to get lost in the hustle and feel burnt out along the way. In fact, many report feeling burned out after achieving a long-term goal because instead of a break, there is another new achievement to strive for. For example, after graduation comes a job search and after a job comes a striving for a promotion.

Interviewing the Interviewer

Thorough preparation is essential in advance of any industry job interview to ensure that you perform at the highest level possible.  Making sure that your resume is in order, that you have accessed available sources to obtain vital information both on the company and the person who will be conducting the interview and practicing your responses to anticipated questions are all key to completing a successful interview.  One additional step that is just as important, but often times overlooked is preparing a set of questions to ask of the interviewers to help you determine whether the company and the work environment are right for you.

Opposite Action: A Skill for the Emotional Regulation Toolkit

Post Written By: Adeline Kerviel, PhD, Detailee at OITE

Emotions can sometimes interfere with daily life, personal and career goals, or relationships. Developing strategies to help regulate these emotions can help us adapt and grow through setbacks: to make us more resilient.

How to Take Advantage of the Holidays

The holidays are approaching and believe it or not, this is a great time to reach out to your network. The holiday season and an upcoming new year are the perfect excuse to reach out and extend greetings and updates. One of the most common questions about networking is “How can I effectively maintain a connection?” Most people know the importance of keeping the lines of communication open and warm; however, many lament the fact that it can feel awkward, and they don’t know exactly what to say.

Writing Personal and Research Statements for Grad School

If you are applying to graduate programs, we highly encourage you to watch this video from OITE Director, Dr. Sharon Milgram. In this talk, she details many aspects to help you draft a compelling and successful statement.

Resilience: Understanding and Communicating Your Needs in the Workplace

Post Written By: Adeline Kerviel, PhD, Detailee at OITE

The third unit* of the OITE workshop “Becoming a resilient scientist”, presented by Dr. Sharon Milgram, focused on self-advocacy and assertiveness. She shared the idea that “Assertiveness is a learned skill built on the foundation of resilience”.

Meet & Greet + Trick or Treat

Wondering who is behind this blog? Or what the OITE does? 

Stop by TODAY, Monday, October 31st (Halloween). Candy will be available at all NIH campuses-- Stop by, chat, grab some candy**, and enter our raffle for a FREE BOOK***! (Sponsored by the NIH OITE)

Bethesda: 12:30-1:15 PM, lawn outside of Building 1 and Building 2 (where the OITE office is located).

How to Consider Advice Thoughtfully

People tend to have a lot of varying opinions — on every topic possible. Just imagine how many different responses you could get when asking what flavor of ice cream you should order or what type of car you should buy. Everyone has their own unique preferences and often their distinct experiences have helped shape their opinions on these topics.

The same is true for advice about career and life choices.

Resilience – Being Proactive & Using Resources

Post Written By: Adeline Kerviel, PhD, Detailee at OITE

People know where to find resources for filing taxes, but what about help for taking care of mental health?